3D|IPGraphics serves as the 3D modeling, rendering and visualization arm for Inspiromedia intellectual property clients.  While our IPGraphics services target the preparation of formal patent drawings for filing utility and or design patent applications, our 3D services help clients flesh out their ideas from conception to a fully visualized product *concept.

Inspiromedia's 3D|IPGraphics services are ideal for:

  • Press Releases
  • New Product Sell Sheets
  • Presentations
  • Websites, etc.

Inspiromedia offers 3D services from a myriad of IP from medical devicescomplex machineryconsumer products, etc.

3D|IPGraphics services may fall into one or more of the following 3 areas:

3D Imaging Services 
a. 3D Product Modeling
b. 3D Materials/Painting
d. Lighting/Rendering
e. Image Output

3D Animation Services
Includes services above plus:
a. Scene and Multi-Camera Setup
b. Animation Key-Framing
c. Animation Rendering
d. Compositing/Post Production

*3D Output 
Includes some services above plus:
a. Model/File prep for 3D printed compatible formatting and output
Note: 3D printing services may be outsourced.

If you have interest in these services, you are encouraged to contact us.

*Visualization services are not a replacement for the services of a licensed professional mechanical engineer and do not replace the engineering and product development services required to produce a final product.  Whether we produce rendered 3D images/animation or 3D printable files, our services are intended to demonstrate a visual proof of concept only.  While 3D printed output may also demonstrate a proposed function for a device, again, it’s for visualization purposes only and is intended only to communicate a product concept to manufacturers, investors, etc.  Inspiromedia does not offer engineering services.

Inspiromedia Software Assets

Autodesk® Maya 2019
3D Modeling & Sculpting, Animation
Autodesk® Fusion360
Freeform 3D Modeling & Sculpting, Solid Modeling, Parametric Modeling, Mesh Modeling, Product Documentation Services.
Digital 3D Modeling & Sculpting
Substance Painter®
Digital 3D Texturing & Painting
Marvelous Designer®
3D Fabric Design
Materials and Texture Development
Adobe® CC
Industry Standard Vector/Raster Computer Graphics Tools
Photo Rendering Software
Unity 3D™
Professional Game Development Software
Microsoft® Visual Studio
Programming Development Software

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