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In 1988, a new technical illustration firm was established whose primary focus was intellectual property related services.

In 1995, was launched. Inspiromedia incorporated in 2000 and today the IP Graphics division serves the illustration needs of innovative companies, IP law firms, individual inventors and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Inspiromedia clients across each division benefit from decades of digital arts skills development coupled with a growing body of experience gained with each completed project. Inspiromedia utilizes, sustains and is proficient in the leading professional creative development software tools available.

The IMCreatives division serves authors with the development and production of professional illustration, design and book layout.

The publishing arm of Inspiromedia Corporation publishes under two imprints.


IMInteractive is the games and apps development arm of Inspiromedia while serves as the home for all IMInteractive published apps. showcases all IMPublishing titles as well as an array of other specialty titles and products across the book publishing arena.

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Company Ethos

As we go, edify others, in our manner of service and in the nature of our products as guided by God through Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

IM Team Roles

Tom Dean, CEO 

Client/contractor relations, project management
IPGraphics - patent illustrator
IMInteractive - game designer, artist, developer

Carly Dean

Writer, Concept Artist


Telephone 678-925-1345
Inspiromedia Corporation
PO BOX 270, Butler TN 37640

Home Office (Overnight Deliveries)
Inspiromedia Corporation
2004 Sink Valley Road, Butler TN 37640

Satellite Office
Chicago, IL

Hours of Operation
Monday, Friday 9am - 5pm ET.

Contact Advice
Email communication is standard.  Prospective clients as well as established clients can expect to receive email receipt acknowledgements as well as direct responses the same business day or at least within 24 hours during office hours.

Calls are always welcomed and encouraged noting that first time callers may be directed to voice mail so that important calls such as yours may be sorted from unsolicited sales calls.  If you receive the answering service, please kindly leave a detailed message with your number and the best time to callback.  As with email, prospective clients as well as established clients can expect to receive a callback the same business day or at least within 24 hours during office hours.

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