Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NE Tennessee, INSPIROmedia is a leading supplier of EFS Compliant Formal IP Illustration Services to law firms, corporations and entrepreneurs domestically across the USA and internationally. 

We prepare utility and design application drawing sets for USPTO, PCT, Foreign Filing as well as the Hague Convention for international industrial designs.  We also prepare formal TM drawings.  A quality work product and client satisfaction have been and continue to be the highest priorities.

INSPIROmedia is not a one size fits all, cookie-cutter company.  Our service offerings are intentionally tailored to suit and adapt to the varied needs of all our clients while giving you options unique to your IP practice.  As a result, as your needs change, INSPIROmedia will strive to anticipate and follow suit in order to always serve as a valuable asset to you and your clients.


INSPIROmedia Delivering Expert BioTech, Complex Machine, Industrial Design & Trademark Illustration.

30+ Years Professional IP Experience
Competitive Fees From $47/Page
Flexible Scheduling

Estimated Patent Drawings Prepared

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INSPIROmedia possesses intensive experience across a myriad of IP art from:

medical devices,
complex machinery,
communications technologies,
consumer products,
renewable, fossil fuels and nuclear energy technologies,
software patents,
and more

We are proficient at preparing any type of mechanical drawing view from perspective, exploded perspective, cross section, isolated, elevation and plan views. We prepare s/w screen captures, charts, flow diagrams, biotech, DNA sequencing and micro-graphs. We are particularly adept at preparing drawings for complex industrial design as well as soft good products. In addition, clients regularly rely on our consistent ability to formalize drawings that overcome examiner objections to drawings prepared by inadequate vendors, applications filed with engineering drawings or inferior drawings prepared by inventors.

Competitive Fees

INSPIROmedia offers a competitive fee schedule with rates that correspond to a client's priority scheduling needs. Download our rate card for current fee schedule.  Biotech clients whose applications often require large volumes of formal drawing pages per application may benefit from a further reduced rate.  By supplying acceptable CAD files, clients filing applications containing complex mechanical or industrial design disclosures may also benefit from a low scheduling rate.  If you find your specific needs might be better served with some variation on our current fee schedule, contact us.  Any proposal that retains our ability to deliver to you a professional work product will be considered.

Priority Scheduling

INSPIROmedia offers 4 *scheduling levels of service providing for and balancing a client's budget with deadline needs.  The highest level of savings may be achieved when clients engage our services early in the application preparation process or as soon as a notice or action is received and replacement formal drawings are required by the filing office.  Finalization editing services for active projects and production of emergency or high priority services receive priority over the production of pending non-urgent and extended services.

Scheduling Services Available:
Emergency - estimated draft delivery within 1-3 business days,
High Priority(‡) - estimated draft delivery within 4-10 business days,
Non-Urgent - estimated draft delivery within 11-20 business days,
Extended - estimated draft delivery within 30-40 business days

(‡)Automatic High Priority Scheduling - To assist clients with filing deadlines of 25 business days or less to file from receipt of a formal drawing request or estimate approval, delivery of completed drafts will be scheduled on a high priority rate basis to insure sufficient finalization time while allowing for client review, completion of changes/additions and unexpected delays before filing.

* Weekends/holidays excluded. See terms of service for details.


To assist our efforts in serving your needs, clients should secure and provide the best possible quality disclosures as is available for use in rendering services.  We accept and work with whatever form a disclosure may take from rough or rudimentary sketches to engineering drawings, CAD models, photographs, product samples, notes, instructions, etc.

Patent Drawing Deliverables and Remittance

Completed drafts may be delivered initially as a Non-Filing Proof Set in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format with services rendered to date payable upon receipt.  Working set deliverables for client markup and filing purposes delivered upon receipt of payment for services rendered to date.  We accept secure immediate online payment via ACH and all major credit cards.  Alternative deliverable formats such as Microsoft VISIO, Adobe Illustrator files, etc are available.  Refer to terms of service for complete details.



IP disclosures received by INSPIROmedia are treated as confidential. By request, we will review and if accepted, sign a client supplied NDA. We also offer a standard NDA for download, which may be modified to suit a client's specific needs.

Protection of Client Trust

The protection of your client's IP is paramount. Know with whom you entrust confidential information. There are no shortcuts to delivering a professional defensible IP work productAvoid vendors offering unprofessionally low illustration rates. At the very least you are likely to file patent drawings containing potentially unrecoverable errors.  Over the years, INSPIROmedia has successfully repaired many applications in jeopardy of final rejection filed with inferior drawings presumably prepared by professionals.  We honor our client's trust, INSPIROmedia does not outsource patent or TM workINSPIROmedia partners with you, our client, to deliver only professional, competitively priced drawing packages that both you and your clients can trust now and in the future.

No Outsource and Non-Disclosure Policy

All services are performed within the USA and INSPIROmedia does not outsource IP work.  We are pleased to review and if accepted, sign a client's supplied NDA. We also offer a standard NDA for download, which may be modified to suit a client’s specific needs.


INSPIROmedia retains and maintains with backups, each application's source drawing set and revision sets during and past the patent prosecution process.  As new or CIP applications are filed, INSPIROmedia strives to maintain accurate drawing records throughout the lifetime of a client's work product cycle.

INSPIROmedia Software Assets
Software products we utilize in the rendering of services.

Autodesk® Fusion360
Freeform 3D Modeling & Sculpting, Solid Modeling, Parametric Modeling, Mesh Modeling, Product Documentation Services

Digital 3D Modeling & Sculpting

Adobe® CC
Industry Standard Vector/Raster Computer Graphics Tools

Photo Rendering Software

File Format Capabilities

INSPIROmedia accepts CAD/CAM files in all major native formats from Autodesk®, SolidWorks®, Pro/ENGINEER and many other CAD platforms.

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