IMInteractive designs and develops cross platform mobile/console games and applications.  Success is a well planned endeavor.

Presently, IMInteractive is in the planning and in house development stages working on interactive adaptations of active and pending IMPublishing print titles for release on platforms such as the Apple® App Store, Google™ Play, Sony PlayStation® and other popular gaming consoles.

Tie-in with
With the ongoing development and invaluable assistance from LucidTools Software, buildup and the official full launch (date TBD) of, Inspiromedia Corporation is also working on plans for a custom bookstore app where customers of may access their eBook purchases directly from their mobile devices.

Home of and the ediStories app
In conjunction with IMInteractive, and the accompanied app will serve as a home for a growing family friendly library of both literary and interactive titles published by Inspiromedia Corporation.

Professional Products | Professional Tools
The current development tool we work with is Unity 3D from Unity Technologies. Unity 3D delivers a robust set of development capabilities.

From Unity Technologies - "More platform support than any other creation engine: With Unity, you can reach the widest audience and feel confident that your IP is future-proof, no matter how the industry evolves or where your imagination takes you."

Custom Client App Development
If you have interest on behalf of your company in the development of a custom app for your business or company, you are encouraged to contact us.


Inspiromedia Corporation Affiliations


INSPIROmedia Corporation is not sponsored by or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates. “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere.