Inspiromedia is an independent publisher operating under the following two publishing imprints:

Inspiromedia Christian Publishing House (IMCPH) publishes Christian titles through the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ.

Inspiromedia Independent Press (IMIP) publishes genre titles.

IMPublishing Models

Inspiromedia may work with authors within one of the following two publishing models.

Model 1 - Self-Publishing Support Services
Model 2 -Traditional Publishing

Model 1 - Self-Publishing Support Services

Under this model, Inspiromedia may assist authors seeking to self-publish their manuscripts.  This assistance would be limited to creative services only.  The author bears the cost for IMPublishing creative services rendered by IMCreatives.  As Inspiromedia has no involvement under this model beyond the development of services related to a title's cover and interior artwork; the author bears full responsibility for the publishing, distribution, book launch and marketing of their manuscripts.  While the self-published author takes on a greater risk in this model, they may also reap greater benefits of a successful book.

Model 2 - Traditional Publishing

Under the traditional publishing model, Inspiromedia as publisher assumes the lion's share of the investment and risks of publishing. Inspiromedia may purchase manuscripts and various rights, pay advances and royalties to the author and is completely involved with all facets of publishing activities as detailed below:

Traditional Model - Publishing Efforts

Inspiromedia traditional publishing efforts may consist of but are not limited to creative services by IMCreatives, title publishing and distribution followed by title launch and marketing services:

Creative Services - Services by IMCreatives, a division of Inspiromedia Corporation
a. Book Cover/Interior Illustration
b. Copy Editing
c. Book Layout Design
d. Production of Print Ready Formatted Titles
e. Production of eBook Formatted Titles

Book Publishing and Distribution
a. Copyright registration
b. ISBN assignment
c. Title submission to the Library of Congress
d. Domestic/International POD and Distribution services via our a partnership with both IngramSpark and Createspace, an company,
e. Complete publishing management and royalty disbursement services
f. Title publishing consulting services

Book Launch/Marketing Campaign
a. Book Promotion Consulting
b. Book Press Release
c. Advertising
d. Solicitation to Brick and Mortar Retailers, Online Stores, Churches, Schools
e. Solicitation for Book Signing Engagements
f. All Inspiromedia titles are featured, promoted and available for sale directly from

Active Inspiromedia Imprint Titles
Inspiromedia has a number of titles in development under both imprints.  Inspiromedia titles will be available for direct purchase once published from  As an author, if you have further interest in IMPublishing you are encouraged to contact us.

Do not send us unsolicited submissions.  Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted at this time.  If you send an unsolicited manuscript it will be discarded without notice.

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