The following image (if your browser supports viewing SVG) is an SVG image or "scalable vector graphic" image.  Clicking the image below will enlarge the image to demonstrate the scalability of vector graphics.  The nature of vector graphics enables images to be infinitely scaled up in size without losing image quality. We rely exclusively on Adobe’s Creative Suite of products for vector based illustration.

Our source is extensively created using vector graphics.  The purpose of disclosing this sample is to give potential clients a better understanding of the elements needed to develop excellent image quality for patent and TM drawings.

Whenever possible, deliverables are vector based.  Some drawing sets may also contain or be converted to high resolution rasterized versions for compliance with electronic filing requirements.

Note: If you do not see the image below, a PDF version of the scalable vector graphic image is also provided.  Open to see the lossless quality of vector graphics.

PDF version of SVG Vector Graphics File


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